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Companies operating in oil and gas industry need state of the art security services. These services are needed at both onsite and offsite locations. Oil and gas companies invest a lot in expensive equipments, piping, machinery, plants, property and infrastructure. All such things must be protected properly. There is no lack of vandals and criminals who want to damage or steal such expensive stuff. Security services of oil and gas installation areas are generally outsourced to security companies. The oil and gas company may have expertise in extracting and processing energy resources but security services require different set of expertise and knowledge. Only oil and gas security companies having experience in this field can provide right type of security.

Extra information about oil and gas security companies

Security for Fixed and Moving Companies

Some oil and gas companies operate permanently from a fixed location, while other companies are not stationary. Latter type of companies needs flexible security solutions that take into account frequent site change requirements. Security companies can provide services to both types of oil and gas companies. Most installations of energy companies are located in remote areas where qualified, trained and expert security personnel cannot be found. This problem is solved by such a security company. It can help find all types of security personnel who are ready to work in such areas.

Supplying Personnel, Systems, Products and Materials

Companies specialising in providing security for oil and gas installations handle not only supply of trained personnel, they can also help with systems and materials needed to secure a place. They can help build guard cabins according to the security standards. Vehicles entering and exiting the installation area must be checked properly. It requires building barrier systems to control, manage and monitor flow of vehicles. Installation of CCTV cameras, monitoring systems, and towers for guards and cameras is needed to secure the site 24/7. Large areas require patrol vehicles with fully equipped security systems and trained staff. All such security solutions can be handled by a professional security company.

Hire Only Licensed and Insured Security Company

Securing an oil and gas field site is a complex job. This type of work can be handled only by a company that has required number of security personnel, patrol vehicles, security systems and security equipments. A licensed and insured company provides complete start to end solution. It is important to check its track record in providing similar services. It should have good reference and customer reviews.

It is important to know what type of security services is needed. A company may need to secure only one building or it may need security services for a large oil and gas field area. The security company must be certified and have authorisation to provide its services in the designated area. A contract is needed before the work of providing security can be started. The contract details all terms and conditions for both the energy company and security company. There should be clarity in the wording of contract. Gas and oil companies have to cease operation and abandon the site after the underground energy resources at that site dry up. Such a company can face problem if it has large number of security personnel as permanent employees. Outsourcing security services helps avoid hiring of permanent security personnel. It helps save money and avoid large initial investment.